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Macintyre & Augustus | Portrait

You learn something new every day…and today I learned the real names of Mack & Gus was Macintyre & Augustus.  It was only yesterday I learned that Katie had a new baby, Gus ;)
I shot child portraits of  Mack 2 years ago in Kansas.  He sure has grown since then.  We went to the country...

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Kerry Ann + Bill | Wedding

Kerry Ann + Bill’s wedding was the last wedding of my season.  And what a great wedding to finish it!  Wedding’s can be known for being hectic, rushed, and leave you feeling frazzled.  This was not the case.  I arrived at Kerry Ann’s home and every one was so calm and collected.  We got to...

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Sidney | Portrait

My niece’s birthday recently passed and one of my goals is to try and take photos each year near that date.  This is my first go at it.  Taking photos of people you know can be a lot harder than photos of a stranger in some ways.  But in other ways it is easier as I know...

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Mason Parish | Portrait

I recently shot DJ Mike Scott and Eli’s newborn baby boy, Mason Parish.  He was 11 days old.  But before I get to photos of him, here are a couple photos of his older sister, Tristen.  When I came in the house, she was wearing a white dress, white gloves, had a white bouquet, a...

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Jessica & Warren | Portrait

After the wedding in Los Angeles, we made a stop in Phoenix to see some family.  This was our first time seeing our new nephew, Warren.

The last time we were in Arizona, I took photos of baby Jessica.  That was about 2 years ago.  She has grown a lot and is now speaking.  Everything that...

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