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Angela + Kyle | Wedding

When I shot Angela + Kyle’s engagement photos I new they were a fun bunch…little did I know how crazy the wedding party was.  It would have been a dream to shoot the wedding on a nice sunny day, but it was raining (that’s good luck though).  Luckily the Holiday Inn by the Kansas City...

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DJ White Shadow | Portrait

I first met DJ White Shadow a year & a half ago to take photos of him at Mosaic Lounge.  He has since become one of my favorite DJs, musically and personality wise.  He was back in Kansas City to DJ a fashion show in the evening and to DJ at Mosaic Lounge at night. ...

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Kerry Ann + Bill | Engagement

I had a great time today with Kerry Ann + Bill.  Kerry Ann was very nervous before hand and worried about getting her photo taken.  It definitely did not show during the shoot.  She has a great smile and eyes that draw you in.  Bill was wonderful because he could make Kerry Ann laugh at...

kansas city wedding photographer by patrick binder

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The Wind

I have a love/hate relationship with a lot of things. One of those things is wind. What? Yes…wind. I like a little bit when I am on a shoot to give some movement to hair, or a veil. But when you get massive amounts of wind, it just makes everything messy and...

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