Angela + Kyle | Wedding

When I shot Angela + Kyle’s engagement photos I new they were a fun bunch…little did I know how crazy the wedding party was.  It would have been a dream to shoot the wedding on a nice sunny day, but it was raining (that’s good luck though).  Luckily the Holiday Inn by the Kansas City Royal/Chiefs stadium accommodated an executive suite so I could do some photos.  I was also able to scope out a loading dock to shield from the rain and get some wonderful light as well.  Here are some pics before the wedding in the executive suite.

Everyone had to update their Twitter…well…Chris didn’t have his cellphone, so he gazed into the decorative silver ball ;)

I was loving the bride’s maids different colored shoes.

What I love more than shoes are emotional moments…this day was full of them.  Angela definitely inherited being emotional from her mother.  Those two ladies had me on the edge of tearing up the whole day.
This is just amazing…I don’t think I would be able to pick Chris up…but she had no trouble.

Not to be outdone, Chris showed us his strength…but she weighs half as much as him ;)

Kyle decided to practice catching the bouquet…while being hoisted on a chair…THAT’S WHAT’S UP!

Hey ladies…Kyle is a married man now ;)

So…while we were taking photos on the loading dock, one of the wedding parties friends decided to do this ;)

OH EM GEE…how beautiful is Angela….her eyes are ridiculous.

Can you say most stunning couple ever?

Can you say portrait of the year? Okay, maybe not, but funny as hell…

Like I said earlier, this was a wild bunch…they had some fun introductions.  Here we decided to go piggy back…

Jonathan is wondering where Veronica is…

Oh, hi….there you are!

It’s party time suckas…

Angela + Kyle are not Jewish, but the groomsmen really wanted to do this.  I think every wedding should hoist the bride + groom up in chairs…it’s a fun time.

Kyle’s dad, Jerry, is an awesome dancer as you can see.

Angela’s face in this pic is killer…no really…KILLER!

I had to get a photo with Sharon from KISS Events.  She made my job so much easier.

Clint from Kansas City Vinyl DJs kept the party going all night…

I had a great time with Angela + Kyle on their fab wedding day.  It was a great way to start my wedding season!

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