Megan + Ben | Wedding

I was excited for Megan + Ben’s wedding because it has been such a long time since they hired me to shoot their wedding and the day had finally came.  I was also happy because it was an outdoor wedding at The Weston Red Barn Farm (I like outdoor weddings).  But with an outdoor wedding, you have the worry of rain.  We did have a backup plan in case something did happen….and it did. LUCKILY, it rained cats and dogs 4 hours before the wedding was to start and it didn’t rain for more than an hour.  OUTDOOR WEDDING ON!!!!!

I also love weddings where the groom/groomsmen wear Chuck Taylors.  They aren’t just cool looking shoes, but it is more practical…spend a little bit more and you get to keep the shoes instead of having to return some rental shoes ;)

After Emily from A Hair Affair finished with hair & makeup, it was dress time.  Nothing transforms a woman like a wedding dress…it is such an elegant look!

After Megan jumped into her dress…I sped over to the Red Barn to get set up for Megan + Ben’s first look.  Megan wanted to do a first look because she knew she was gonna cry her eyes out and wanted to get most of it out before the ceremony.  They were so happy to see each other…these moments are always my favorites from the wedding days.

ANOTHER thing I loved about this wedding was that they had a man of honor and a grooms-lady.  Megan had her brother Travis stand beside her and Ben had his sister Anna stand beside him…such a nice touch.

I love this photo…it looks like it was taken with a toy camera. Mmmmmm…good out of focus ;)

They had custom made cake toppers.  Megan + Ben both love Nintendo and they found someone that made the cake topper from their Wii avatars…so cool.

PBP gives the thumbs up to Chucks!

It was such a great wedding with lots of personal touches…CONGRATULATIONS!

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