MVG | Most Valuable Groomsmen

My first nomination for the 2010 MVG goes to Josh from Megan + Ben’s wedding at the Weston Red Barn Farm.  Early on in the reception once the dancefloor opened up, I noticed Josh putting the vibe out. He just stood there, and bobbed to the beat…no smile, no emotion…just vibe.  Suddenly about 7 people came onto the dance floor. Want to know why? Because of the vibe ;)

If you can’t see the above video, click here.

But, putting out the vibe isn’t what got Josh nominated for this award.  I had a camera in the corner of the dance floor automatically taking photos every 7 seconds.  A couple women first noticed this and posed for the camera.

Then this guy showed Ben, Josh, and Anna the camera…

Then Josh and a couple other guys did the following…

And this is basically what I looked like after reviewing the footage at home…well…I then started laughing my ass off ;)

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