Nichole + Tim | Wedding

Nichole + Tim had their ceremony at Loose Park’s Rose Garden.  So you know what that means on an overcast day…worrying about rain ;)  Luckily the clouds were there to provide us shade and not to give us a shower.  Nichole was very worried about the rain but during the first look, Tim was able to re-assure everything would be okay.

I thought the flower girls were going to be a problem early on in the day, but they were only a little cranky because they just woke up from a nap…phew.  Crying flower girls are no fun…we like to have them happy and full of energy. I love slightly out of focus photos like this…feels very dreamy.

I had to post another photo of the flower girls to show how funny they were. This wasn’t me catching a moment when she put the flowers in her face…she walked down the aisle with the flowers in her face the WHOLE time ;)

Some brides cry during the vows. Some brides keep their composure. Nichole laughs. Well, it was a nervous laugh to fight back her tears.  Nichole told the crowd, ‘it might take a minute, but I will get through this’.  I think this photo shows how much she cares about Tim.

Don’t you love it when a whole table sways together? I do!

Here’s a funny story that someone told me at the end of the reception.  One of the flower girl’s hair was shorter than the others. This is because a couple days before the wedding, she locked her self in the bathroom and gave herself a new hair cut. She said she did this so no one would mistake her for her sister ;)

I hope Nichole + Tim have a wonderful time in Tahiti for their honeymoon!

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