Rosemary + Keith | Wedding

I flew to Los Angeles to shoot Rosemary + Keith’s wedding on 10.10.10 and felt very fortunate to do so.  I sometimes have nightmares before a wedding that I am sitting in the pews of a church watching a wedding and the bride & groom kiss.  At this point I realize I am not shooting the wedding but watching it and panic. Then I wake up.  I had a nightmare similar to this, but I think I was more nervous because I was shooting a wedding not in my own city and I couldn’t plan for the wedding as much as I wanted to.  All of these fears wash away once I actually start shooting on the wedding day though and once I walked into Rosemary’s hotel room I had 100% confidence in how the day was going to play out.

Near the end of Rosemary getting her makeup done there was talk about getting some food.  Not 3 minutes later, Keith’s dad walked into the room with some In-N-Out.
Rosemary’s sister, Mai, would hand Rosemary fries or pieces of the hamburger patty to eat.  While she was eating, I took the below photo and Rosemary asked, “did you really take a photo of me eating a burger?”  I then showed her the photo and she loved it.  It reminded us of Kim Kardashian’s salad commercial.

When we shot the engagement session earlier in the year, Keith mentioned he could breakdance.  It took me a couple minutes, but I finally got Keith to show me some moves ;)

After the reception we walked across the street to the hotel and took a couple more pics along the way.

And then after that we went to In-N-Out to get some Double-Doubles.  What better way to end the day, than the way it was started ;)

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