Fist Pump St. Patty’s Day

WOOHOO…I love having my own holiday.  The only problem is people say your name a lot around you, but aren’t talking to you. WHO ME!!??? Oh wait, you said Happy St. Patrick’s…you didn’t want my attention ;)

Holly (my wife for those that don’t know), Joy (one of Holly’s best friends) and I went to the Power and Light District to see DJ Pauly D from the Jersey Shore spin some music on the main stage.  WOW…that place was packed with people who love to fist pump (it’s the only dance I know…*seriously*).

I have noticed that a lot of people watch Jersey Shore, love watching it, but are embarrassed to admit they watch it.  And on the other hand you have people who have never watched the show, but still talk bad about it, but when I show them a clip they think it is hilarious.  I am a HUGE Jersey Shore fan and proud to be. It is entertainment and I don’t see how it differs from a show like Entourage.  It doesn’t bother me if you do not like it, but if you have never watched it, I don’t see how you can fairly talk so much trash about it. *END RANT* ;)  Here are a couple photos that I snapped while there…FIST PUMP TWO TIMES!

It amazes me how many photos get taken at concerts now.  Gotta love technology ;)


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