WPPI 2011

This was my second year attending the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) convention in Las Vegas.  Some of the KC Photogs who went last year couldn’t make it this time, but we still had a blast.  I learned a bunch of things to help my business and the hardest part is trying to implement ALL of those things.  Here are some photos I took on my phone throughout the trip.  Below each collage I talk about each photo.

(1) TAKEOFF…the weather was pretty nice when we left. (2) We’ve arrived…Chris doing what he does best, looking awesome without trying. (3) I think Chris has information overload, MacBook on his chest and an iPhone in the hand.  (4) Holly and I went to see the Jabbawockeez the first night…it was amazing. (5) Marco & Jan, Chris, and Lora & Joe on our way to some fancy Mexican restaurant (it was yummo).  (6) We stayed at the MGM Signature…it’s the best place to stay if going to the MGM Conference Center. (7) Jason and Rebecca reviewing photos or playing Words With Friends…who knows ;)  (8) Our shadows look awesome…and I look 5 feet taller!  (9) Chris pulling out the old school Polaroid.

(1) The elusive Chuck Arlund.  (2) Taking some photos while walking the strip…love some yellow and love some reflections. (3) More reflections! Photo of a hotel in the glass of a walkway. (4) The ceiling at the conference center while I was waiting for a class to start. (5) The MGM Signature faces the PH Westgate hotel…I like it because it has Holly and my initials ;)  (6) Holly wanted to go find the Art·o·Mat machines at the Cosmopolitan. They are old cigarette machines turned into art dispensers…pretty cool.  (7) Waiting for the elevator at the MGM Signature.  (8) Holly and I are stuck on the runway in Vegas because the Kansas City Airport was shut down for a while because of a snow storm.  (9) YAY…they let us fly back to KC after waiting on the runway for 2 hours…not so YAY was landing on snow…sort of scary actually.  We were going to stay at a hotel once we landed and get a ride home from the airport the next day because the roads were bad, but thankfully Josh & Jenny Solar were on our flight and had extra room in their ride to take us home!

Extra: Here’s a link to the (sort of long) video I did last year at WPPI.

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