Wedding Wednesday | D.I.Why Not

One of the best things someone can do for their wedding is to do some DIY projects to personalize it.  Not only does this make the wedding more unique and special…it makes the photographer happy.  And when the photographer is happy…the photographer takes some awesome photos ;)  But in all seriousness, a couple well thought out DIY projects for your wedding will make your day even more memorable.

In this weeks Kansas City weekly magazine, The Ink, they talked about this very topic.  In case the issue is not in the stands anymore, you can read the articles online to get inspired.  This article talks about how to think about DIY for your wedding day.  And this article gives you a couple ideas for DIY projects.

An awesome thing I saw at my friends wedding two weeks ago was confetti.  Not just a little bit of confetti, but confetti at EVERY table.  This stuff was getting tossed around the whole night.  It was so fun.  You could either buy it or make it yourself with a circle punch and tissue paper.  Make sure you check with your reception venue to see if it is okay to use.  Here is a quick photo I took of myself throwing it in the air ;)

Kansas City Wedding Photographer PBP Throwing Confetti

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