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Hiring a professional photographer is recommended for your wedding so you can get high quality photos, beautiful wall portraits, and a nice album to document your day.  But I am not going to lie to myself and think I am the only person taking photos at the wedding that the bride and groom wants to see.  I try and to upload the first photo of the couple onto Facebook, but a wedding guest usually gets their photos up faster.  The problem with everyone taking photos at the wedding is there is no central way to see those photos.  You might be able to see most of them on Facebook, but you still have the problem of having to go to multiple friend’s pages to see the photos.

Last year I came across KnotPic, a service that solves this technical divide.  Once you sign up with KnotPic, you get a special email address for your gallery that allows your wedding guests to send photos to.  All of the photos sent to this email address immediately go into the online gallery on KnotPic for people to view.  The other awesome thing is after all the photos come in, you can click one button on the website and download ALL the photos from the gallery.  KnotPic has a trial for 30 days but there is a fee after that.  There is another similar service called Yogile which has a free option of 100MBs of photos per month and a fee if you want more space.

The last part of this equation is getting the special email address to your guests so they can upload the photos.  A couple ways to get it to them is to email the special address, put it in your invitation, or put it on the program.  I would also suggest having guests save it as a contact in their phones.  Many people have iPhones or Android phones with decent cameras in them, and you can email photos straight from the phone.  You can also send an email out after the wedding so people with regular cameras can email the photos to your gallery.

This next tip is for anyone that uses Twitter.  I recently attended a wedding in Kansas City (not shooting it…it’s been a while since I have been a guest ;) and I suggested to the groom that they use a hashtag for any tweets related to the wedding.  This way the bride & groom can search the hashtag on Twitter after the wedding to read what everyone was saying and see any photos that were posted.  The hastag the groom chose for the wedding I just attended was #PhotographerPlusBaker (click to see what people were saying on the wedding day).  I suggest something short yet unique.  They originally were planning on using #BestDayEver, but lots of other people use that hashtag and the tweets would get mixed in with unrelated ones.

If anyone has any questions about the above, please ask them in the comments and I would love to help you tech it out for your wedding day.  But enough of the the tech-talk, here are some of the photos that I took with my phone at my friends wedding.


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