Wedding Wednesday | Wedding Colors

One thing that is important for your wedding is picking the colors. Colors of the flowers…colors of the bride’s maid dresses…the color of the grooms tie.  But people don’t usually think of the color of the caterer/venue/bartenders.  The color that should be thought about here is green.  If you didn’t know, today is Earth Day.  I’ve noticed at quite a few weddings that not a lot of recycling goes on.  The bartenders throw the wine bottles away and the wait staff throws the beer bottles into the trash.  While in other cities, there might not be a good recycling program but here in Kansas City we have an awesome program, especially when it comes to glass recycling.

If you haven’t heard of Ripple Glass, you might be living under a rock.  They have over 50 recycling containers throughout the city.  There is no fee to recycle.  Just put your glass in the containers and Ripple Glass will do their magic (recycle it).  The recycled glass goes to a local company who uses it to make fiberglass insulation.  The whole process screams green ;)

So what does this mean for people getting married? Ask the caterer/venue/bartenders if they plan on recycling during the reception.  If they have no recycling plans, suggest they recycle their glass with Ripple Glass.  If they are worried that they would have to spend some green to be green, point them to this article at Keep Kansas City Beautiful.  The article talks about how to plan a green event and how you can rent bins & bags to help recycling  for your event for free.  All in all, it seems like a win-win situation.  Do your part for Earth Day and make your wedding a green wedding.

On a related note, here’s a photo my wife snapped in Europe.  It was after a national holiday and the trash service went on strike.  Thankfully these were all sitting outside of a filled up recycling bin and the strike ended a couple days later.

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