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These are my posts that don’t have a whole lot to do with photography. You know, like when I talk about unicorns, rainbows, and tigers…oh my ;)

Guess who’s preggers?

My brother & sister-in-law, some of my favorite clients/friends, Kim + Jamie, and Kari + Lake all have had a baby in the past week…so they are no longer preggers.  And sorry, this is not saying that me and my wife are expecting…I just wanted a catchy title for this post ;)
I can’t wait to see all...

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The Midland | Frost 2011

Last year I shot at The Midland Theatre for the first time for The Global Dance Fest.  Last week I shot their again for the Frost Winter Electronic Music Festival.  The crowd was bigger and the headlining acts were explosive.  Steve Aoki had a wonderful presence on stage and the best moments were when he came from...

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DJ Spinstyles | In The Studio

I work with DJ Spinstyles a lot but I normally only see him DJ’ing.  He is working on an EP at the moment so I stopped by the studio to take some shots.  The tracks are still in process but they sound awesome.  Good to see how he does work outside of the clubs.

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It’s 3AM in a Hospital

Last week my mother in law, Vinh, got a total knee replacement on her right knee. Undergoing any type of surgery is a scary thing and I was really worried about her. I was not just worried about her but worried about Holly.  Holly and Vinh are very close and if anything bad happened it...

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Kaleidoscope & The Fountains

Holly and I took our niece to Kaleidoscope and then to the Crown Center fountains last week. I haven’t been to Kaleidoscope in well over 20 years. That place has completely changed. You’d like to blame your memory for it being different, but I have fond memories of that place. It hasn’t...

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