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Wedding Wednesday | Step Back

It would be very interesting to see how many hours brides and grooms spend prepping for their wedding day.  I know I spent more than I could count for my own.  I can’t remember who said it, but Holly & I were given some great advice.  On our wedding day, we should stop for a...

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Wedding Wednesday | Very Pinteresting

If you have a problem with spending hours upon hours on Facebook in a day, you will likely also spend hours upon hours on Pinterest once you dive into it.  If you haven’t heard, Pinterest is a virtual pin-board where you can pin things you like, i.e. wedding inspiration, cool designs, awesome photos, beautiful interior decorations, etc....

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Wedding Wednesday | Wedding Colors

One thing that is important for your wedding is picking the colors. Colors of the flowers…colors of the bride’s maid dresses…the color of the grooms tie.  But people don’t usually think of the color of the caterer/venue/bartenders.  The color that should be thought about here is green.  If you didn’t know, today is Earth Day....

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Wedding Wednesday | D.I.Why Not

One of the best things someone can do for their wedding is to do some DIY projects to personalize it.  Not only does this make the wedding more unique and special…it makes the photographer happy.  And when the photographer is happy…the photographer takes some awesome photos ;)  But in all seriousness, a couple well thought...

Kansas City Wedding Photographer PBP Throwing Confetti

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Wedding Wednesday | Tech Talk

Hiring a professional photographer is recommended for your wedding so you can get high quality photos, beautiful wall portraits, and a nice album to document your day.  But I am not going to lie to myself and think I am the only person taking photos at the wedding that the bride and groom wants to...

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